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bon appetit favchef contest

I’m doing something totally outrageous and becoming a contender in the Fav Chef Contest! Yes, I’ve thrown OUR HATS, not just MY HAT, in the ring!



Conde Nast Bon Appétit

Now Bon Appetit, yes, the iconic magazine, has nothing to do with this competition. Fav Chef will purchase a two-page ad in Bon Appetit for the Fav Chef winner. 

In the midst of the pandemic well into a year and with everyone at home, how do you find challenges and new adventures for your life.

For me, it’s doing something totally outrageous and becoming a contender in the Fav Chef Contest! Yep, I’ve thrown my hat in the ring. But, listen, this isn’t just me. IT’S YOU, TOO!

I can’t make it to the finish line as Fav Chef unless YOU hang in there with me and VOTE. That’s right. It’s a voting contest. While I’m not keen on those types of competitions, I didn’t have a say so in making the rules. And, since the stakes and rewards are really great, I’ve got to do it. 

The winner, after rounds and rounds of voting that finally ends on 8 April 2021, is selected. And, this person gets a two-page purchased ad spread in Bon Appétit Magazine (omg! *swwwwooon*) and wins twenty thousand dollars! 

Bon Appétit Magazine

I’m telling you this contest is like the NCAA Basketball’s March Madness elimination rounds. So, you gotta hang in there with me for this marathon.

The company Fav Chef has purchased a two-page ad in Bon Appetit magazine for the eventual winner. That’s a big spread to whomever eventually wins. While I don’t prefer the ‘pay for votes’ part of this competition, there are FREE votes every 24 hours. And, if I can garner enough support, I plan to work hard on my end to gather free votes. Who knows what will happen, but I won’t go without a bonafide effort on my part and with YOUR help! 

Fav Chef

Here’s the competition schedule/rules, if you’re interested in reading. 

Anyhow, as you see, YOU hold the KEY to my GOLDEN TICKET future. Can I make it through all these rounds. Will you be there to vote for me every 24 hours. Yes, they’re FREE VOTES every 24 hours. But, you also have HERO votes, which are $1/per vote and some of the proceeds go to Feeding America. Good cause. There’s no way I can purchase Hero votes. It’s prohibited in the rules. 

Thanks my foodie peep family for supporting me through these whacky adventures. Hey, we did it in 2013 with the Dole California CookOff then again with GE Appliances Great American Grandma. These winnings help me keep Ally’s Kitchen afloat creating recipes for you and connecting with you every single day. 

Bon Appétit FavChef Contest

Eddie Matney

Eddie Matney, the celebrity chef for Fav Chef, asked me three questions. If you want to see my answers, well, here you go. Unfiltered and shooting straight from the hip! 

Let’s get voting!

bon appetit favchef contest

Love you all and am eternally grateful … xoxo ~ally

Competition Schedule (for FavChef Contest):

SPONSOR WILL SELECT, IN ITS SOLE, ABSOLUTE AND COMPLETE DISCRETION, WHICH ENTRANTS WILL PARTICIPATE IN THE COMPETITION. Selected Entrants will be divided into groups and advance to the initial public voting round. Public voting begins February 16th.

Top 15 (Starts February 16th and Ends February 25th) – Public voting will help reduce each group to the top fifteen Entrants.

Top 10 (Starts February 25th and Ends March 4th) – Public voting will help reduce each group to the top ten Entrants.

Top 5 (Starts March 4th and Ends March 11th) – Public voting will help reduce each group to the top five Entrants.

Group Winners (Starts March 11th and Ends March 18th) – Public voting will help reduce each group to one preliminary winner in each group. 

Quarter-finals (Starts March 19th and Ends March 25th) – Group winners will be divided into quarter-final groups. Voting will be reset, and public voting will determine one (1) winner from each quarter-finals group that will advance into the semi-finals.

Semi-Finals (Starts March 26th and Ends April 1st) – Quarter-final winners will be divided into semi-final groups. Voting will be reset, and public voting will determine one (1) winner from each semi-finals group that will advance into the final round.

Finals (Starts April 2nd  and Ends April 8th) – Voting will be reset, and public voting will determine the winner of the Favorite Chef on April 8th.


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  1. My daughter entered the contest. I submitted a paid vote for $10. Then I saw the news article online about the contest. Contacted favchef.com to request a refund. They refused. My daughter withdrew from the contest. They still refuse to issue a credit to my MasterCard account.
    The paid vote page on their website does not prominently disclose all of their “rules”.
    The company, CrowVote, LLC, is owned by Darrin Austin, who also owns Jetset Magazine. He is operating another “scam” known as Yoga Warrior.
    Feeding America is the designated recipient of 25% of the paid “votes” on Favorite Chef. That means Darrin Austin retains 75% of the proceeds and gets to take a tax write-off for the contributions paid by others. He has arranged for a two-page ad in Bon Appetit Magazine to announce the winner; Bon Appetit Magazine has made it clear that it is not associated with the contest.
    Feeding America indicated on their website that more than 25,000 contestants are involved in the contest.
    How much will Darrin Austin make on this scam operation?

    1. Thank you for sharing this information, Mr. Morgan!

  2. Chef Plum says:

    This contest has nothing to do with BA it is a scam marketing blitz, BA sent a cease and desist to them which forced them to admit it’s a ad placed in the mag not a feature. It’s coming out everywhere now. Look at their IG 70% fake followers. Sorry :/ feel free to reach out if you have any questions happy to answer them

    1. Yes, I did get a notice from FavChef stating this. It was very confusing at first. I appreciate your comment and clarification. Apparently, as I understand it, FavChef will purchase a two-page ad in BA magazine. Thanks, Chef Plum.

    2. Love your website videos…nice! Keep ’em coming! ~ally

  3. Hopefully when they see your background, your already remarkable achievements, your cookbook, your travel expertise, your love of family and the bohemian boss lady you are with your wide variety of presentations, it will be an almost effortless win.

    1. OH, Mary Beth! I adore and love you. Thank you. Alas, I think it’s a simple matter of votes. And, you know, I’m not keen on these kinds of competitions, but the stakes are great and this is a real opportunity. I so appreciate your support. There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds entered. Everyone wants a shot at the ‘Oscar’ statue!! We have a lot of work to do and the first hurdle is this round that ends FEB 25! xoxo

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