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salmon vegetables

one dish salmon and vegetables

One dish salmon and vegetables might just be your Houdini recipe that dazzles your family and guests with! It’s easy and fine dining quality! Sheet Pan Salmon Dinner Nothing’s easier than a sheet pan salmon dinner. But, in this case we’re going to be using a large casserole dish! You […]


16 Weeks to 70: Week 5 Challenge

Let me give you a heads up as to why this week five experience was a real challenge for me. Hope this helps with understanding where my brain was… Setting the Stage for the Challenge Growing up in Southern West Virginia, the mountains of Appalachia, in a coal mining small […]

a new magazine is born

a new magazine is born

For all my Boho peeps! SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Use ABL50 at CheckOut (Expires 9/4/15) Now, there’s no denying that I’m a dreamer. A big dreamer. Have been since I was a kid growing up in those Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia where I was taught by my Mom that anything’s possible if […]

a boho cookbook

60 seconds

So what’s Ally’s Kitchen all about~~well, just click this picture, sit back and savor the flavors~~the thinking, fooding and living of Bohemian Bold! Ally’s Kitchen is more than just recipes and food, it’s a passport for your magic carpet to fly anywhere and for you to become anything you want~~first […]

bohemian sparkles

bohemian sparkles for 2015 Tune in to the Rose Parade on New Years Day 2015~~I’ll be there as the social media correspondent for Dole Packaged Foods! Their float, Rhythms of Hawaii, will be one that you don’t want to miss! Here’s a sneak peek~~psssst, just between you and me~~it’s an […]

~creating winning recipes~~some fertilizer~

creating winning recipes

I’m sitting on an Air France flight flying from Warsaw to Paris, and I’m wedged between two gentlemen—one fast asleep, the other flipping through a magazine. As we sat on the tarmac then ascended into flight, I laid my head back, closed my eyes, and rested—up since 3:30 a.m., my […]

~the big screen cooking competition~

the big screen cooking competition

This world of cooking competition is more than just the hard work of tracking down the latest and greatest contests online, creating recipes, photographing boholicious foods, submitting entries and, if you’re lucky, actually making it to a big time kitchen arena where you throw down your best against THE BEST! […]

~competitive cooking & food styling II~

competitive cooking & food styling II

I know that a lot of my foodie friends are entering the prestigious DOLE Cook-Off~~and, it was about this time last year when I was furiously creating recipes to enter, too, and one of my big concerns was, will my submitted photograph reflect the boholicious of this creation! In my […]

competitive cooking & food styling I

With the Dole California CookOff 2014 launching soon, as well as other cooking contests currently running, these tips might just come in handy as you’re completing your entry(ies) ~~as the 2013 winner of the Dole CookOff, I can assure you that the stakes are high and probably higher this year!  I’m […]

pantry & refrig happenings

There are always things we keep as staples in our pantry and refrigerator, and most of us have those basics~~you know what I’m talking about~~spices, flour, sugar, canned goods, bread, milk, eggs, cream, jelly/jam.  We all probably have many of these things as standbys, well, unless you’re a die-hard bachelor […]

~keeping good company~

keeping good company

Growing up, my Mom used to hammer into me the importance of being in the right company, choosing the right friends~~mainly hanging out with kids who shared good values, morals, from good families and kids who had integrity and were working hard to be good citizens.  There’s even a saying […]

2013~~Highlights of a Lucky Year

2013~~Highlights of a Lucky Year

~~Remembering 2013~~ ~~Some of the Best Ally’s Kitchen’s Chest Bump Moments~~ ~~And this is just a sampling~~ Taste of Israel ~~ Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my cooking and culinary passion would take me to the Holy Land as one of 7 international bloggers invited as guests […]

~~ally & key ring app~~

ally & key ring app

It’s the #1 shopping app downloaded.  It’s one of the Top 25 apps at the Google PlayStore.  As of this posting there are 9 million users. There are 6-26k downloads daily!  It makes your life easier~~it removes the clutter from your key ring~~it’s ‘Key Ring App’!  I’ve not real tech […]

~~ally & ATOD Magazine~~

ally & ATOD Magazine

Dawn Garcia is one feisty spit fire get-it-done gal, and that’s the kind of person I just love to watch soar in life~~she’s brimming with great ideas, and many of these come to fruition like her ATOD Magazine, which all started with a dare!  Her imagination for life makes me […]

World Food Championships~~Top 5 in the Recipe Category

World Food Championships~~Top 5 in the Recipe Category

I held my breath when I decided to see what my scores were in the World Food Championships.   Like an ostrich, I just wanted to put my head in the sand~~NO!  I don’t want to relive and re-visit that night!  The competitors in my category were fierce, talented, creative, […]

grand strand magazine & ally~~

grand strand magazine & ally

When I knew I was one of the three regional winners for the 2013 Dole California Cook Off, I shared this excitement and honor on Facebook.  Making a trip to Santa Monica, CA to compete was a long way from South Carolina, but little did I know it would reunite me […]

oatmeal almond chewies

oatmeal almond chewies

After winning the ‘Voters Choice’ in Sara Moulton’s ‘Locavore’ contest, I got not only a set of awesome copper clad cookware, but Sara sent me her three cookbooks all personally signed!  There are so many fabulous recipes, I just decided to fan through  and stop where it stopped~~and, it just […]

Lemon Cottage Cheesecake

Lemon Cottage Cheesecake

This cheesecake is a variation of my Croatian Mom’s wonderful cheesecake she used to make us when I was growing up.  The key ingredient, cottage cheese, was used because it was cheaper and more readily available than creamed cheese, mascarpone, or ricotta cheese, plus cottage cheese is used in many […]

Frenchie & Brite~~The Place. The Cabin. The Food. The Life.

Frenchie & Brite~~The Place. The Cabin. The Food. The Life.

THE PLACE Frenchie & Brite…two eclectic, talented, adventurous friends of ours…Frenchie, an adorable spitball of energy not 100 pounds soakin’ wet, was born and raised in France and came to the U.S. years ago…she journeys back often to see her family who all still live there.  Brite, her Boston born […]

Staying Young~~Is There a Secret to This? You Might Try This~~

Staying Young~~Is There a Secret? You Might Try This~~

Ponce de Leon searched for the fountain of youth.  Dr. Oz gives tips and tricks daily for staying young.  Regenerative medicine is a new field of medical study that’s gaining momentum and immense popularity.  No doubt, baby boomers are forging a different landscape for staying young—they’re not following the pattern […]

Wall Street Journal~~My Debut!

Bucket list things are always fun to create~~I mean all you do is dream and shoot for the moon!  And, even if you don’t make it, you just might land among the stars!  One of my bucket listers was to be in a major newspaper for something good I’d done~~not […]

DOLE Cook-Off~~Eastern Region Finalist

DOLE Cook-Off~~Eastern Region Finalist

I’m dancing. I’m twirling, I’m doing back flips and head stands!  Well, the latter two, if I could!  I’ve been selected as the Eastern Region Finalist in the 2013 Dole Cook-Off.  Now this is not a bush league contest~~it’s highly competitive, rigorous and the guidelines for the recipe creations were a […]

Traveling. Black & White. Capturing Priceless People.

Traveling. Black & White. Capturing Priceless People.

One of my most favorite past times when traveling is to watch people~~whether I’m sitting on a park bench, strolling  on the street, sitting at a sidewalk cafe, eating in a restaurant, shopping in a retail store, waiting in line wherever, being part of a tour group, or really most […]

Stumble Upon~~Poggio Del Chianti

Stumble Upon~~Poggio Del Chianti

Sometimes the best times are those you stumble upon—those that aren’t planned—those that are spontaneous!  That’s the way Ben and I love to travel—while we have an overall plan and agenda, we leave lots of room for impulse.  And, this is just what happened today when Ben and I decided […]

Butcher Shop Haven~~Marcelleria Falorni

Butcher Shop Bliss~~Marcelleria Falorni

My nomad Boho nature is the drive that fuels me to travel, explore & take risks~~there’s so much out there in our big  enticingworld, and I want to experience as much of it while I can and while I’m still able to schlepp through airports, lug baggage, and not be […]

My Nomadic Adventure—Our Italian Family~~Poggio Mirteto

My Nomadic Adventure—Poggio Mirteto

16 May 2013-18 May 2013 Sometimes inspiration for cooking contests means getting out of the kitchen, away from some things food for a while, and indulging in new venues, sights, smells, places, and people–here’s one of my nomadic adventures that has energized me and provided boutiful fodder for creative ideas […]

A Nomadic Excursion~~My Diary~~The Launch

A Nomadic Excursion~~My Diary~~The Launch

15 May 2013 It goes without saying that no trip begins without drama…a ‘slight’ glitch that makes your heart flutter, but in this case, almost go into cardiac arrest!  So Ben and I get to the new, fancy dancy Myrtle Beach International airport, really it’s first-class and styling all the […]

A Nomadic Excursion~~My Diary

A Nomadic Excursion~~My Diary~~It Begins!

14 May 2013 This is day one of my nomadic excursion!  So what in the Sam Hill am I doing?  Well, heading to Europe to cook, eat, drink, and be merry!  And, most importantly, to discover my roots~~yep, I’m Croatian, and my grandparents were born and lived there before immigrating […]

Executive Producer~~'The Forgotten Kingdom'

Executive Producer~~’The Forgotten Kingdom’

You never know what’s around the next curve on the highway of life.  When I lived in Boston and got into my acting and performing ‘career’ I auditioned for so many projects~~I had more than my share of not being cast.   However, the movie, television or stage plays I […]

A Temporary Depression~~Facing Defeat~~Huge Vulnerability

A Temporary Depression

Cooking contests are brutal…you never know what’s going to turn on the judging panel or turn them off.  Probably the Mack daddy of the cooking recipe contest circuit is the ‘Pillsbury Bake Off’—this year, 2013, is the 46th Pillsbury Bake-Off.  I’ve never entered it before, and decided to get out […]

Bohemian Bolognese~~Gallo Family Vineyards Winning Recipe

Bohemian Bolognese~~Gallo Family Vineyards Winning Recipe

Thirty plus years of perfecting.  Thirty plus years of having hundreds of people eat this dish.  Thirty plus years of getting feedback.  Finally, I believe I have arrived at the most insanely delicious, versatile and unique bolognese sauce.  And, yes, it has my signature Boho twist to it meaning, it’s […]