Butcher Shop Haven~~Marcelleria Falorni

Butcher Shop Bliss~~Marcelleria Falorni

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My nomad Boho nature is the drive that fuels me to travel, explore & take risks~~there’s so much out there in our big  enticingworld, and I want to experience as much of it while I can and while I’m still able to schlepp through airports, lug baggage, and not be upended by the unexpected.  I’m always up to finding things that put a scare into me, make me hold my breath, and create a racing heart~~like traversing some of the narrow steep hairpin back roads in Chianti in Tuscany in rainy weather!  Yep, my road warrior partner, Ben, and I love to step back into history visiting museums, medieval villages, castles, and ‘tourist’ sites, but our real passion is to get the off the beaten track, find the real culture and lifestyle of people, eat in places recommended by the locals, and visit more unlikely pieces of history in an area.  Enter the butcher!  Probably a word most of our kids haven’t heard much!

Butcher shops in America have gone the way of the person who used to pump your gas at the gas station~~most likely when you shop for meats, like me, you most likely see it pre-packaged, lined up in refrigerated cases, and there’s no sign of a ‘butcher’~~a relic of our past.  The same goes for how you see your meat in plastic wrap rather than the beautiful brown or white paper!  Now, I know that there are some markets and stores that still do it the old way, real people, real butches adorned in aprons, sometimes blood-stained, and, for me, that’s one of the little things that makes grocery shopping more pleasurable!

Rather than compromise the story of Marcelleria Falorni’  I’m sharing with you their story directly from their words~~we found our way to Greve in Chianti just to hang out at the butcher shop!  I was in a Disney World of meats~~every kind of cured meat you can imagine~~from those we’ve used, heard of, can probably buy in our own stores like proscuitto, salami, ham, and pancetta to meats that are probably not on our radar screen like gotao guancila, scelto di bresasola and gerbola~~this shop, pristine, perfectly adorned, clean as a whistle, and full of folks with their straw baskets full of meats, cheeses, and wines, is a home cook’s dream!  There are just some things that should never be replaced or go out of style~~for me, it’s my local butcher~~come peek into ‘The Old Butcher Falorni’~~I was enchanted and hope you will be, too, with some of the photos I took~~just for you!  You’ll also see what I bought!

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The Old Butcher Falorni

From small village shop, today the Old Butcher Falorni is a recognized and appreciated around the world for its products.The passion for the job and for the preservation of the traditional product have been handed down from father to son for eight generations along with the secrets of the workings, which are essential to achieve the best results.

Only the dedication of those who feel about whether this legacy can give you the results referred to in the Old Butcher’s Shop is proud Falorni: exclusive products in their centuries-old tradition in which the addition in some mixtures of Chianti Classico wine or herbs (of which the area is generously rich) has given the charcuterie aromas and flavors harmoniously enhanced.

The use of local breeds (the Chianina beef, pork Grey, the wild boar that for thousands of years living in the woods of Tuscany and Chianti in particular) is a further confirmation of the essential response from Ancient Butcher Falorni in safeguarding the ‘identity of the local product.

The Family Bencistà Falorni, always attentive to the promotion of the territory, can also boast its own pig farm in the wild. Also certifies meats made from pigs born, reared and slaughtered in Tuscany.




  1. Ally, I feel the same way you do about the ol’ fashioned butcher. So much more “farm to table” and the touch & sound of paper beats “de-plastic-ing” the prepackaged versions. Sigh…

    I LOVE their stone floor — and was that a jar of wild boar tusks on display, too?! (Cool!) I noticed the chickens have “yellow fat” — that’s the way I remember them looking when my Grandma raised them — flavor town!!! Speaking of which, I need to read your latest chicken recipe now… I feel like chicken tonight. 😉

    P.S. Almost forgot to mention the butcher block tables — THEIRS are the real deal!

    • Oh, Kim, you would have loved this shop!! Yes, those were boar tusks..boar is a popular meat in sauces/pasta (gravy)…that’s the way we know chickens really look…of course, many folks haven’t grown up w/them like that, so it’s a big ‘yuck’when they see the bird this way! Oh, try that other chicken recipe…reeeeally good!! And, yeppers, if I could get one of those tables home…****sigh*** only in my dreams!! xo

  2. Doc ! The pictures are just great…it leaves one speechless and that’s really saying something for me. Keep having fun, fun, and more fun…Come home safe !!! 🙂

    • Mr. David!! Thank you for enjoying this sojourn vicariously…the world is so full splendor and amazement…just not enough time in life to take it all in, but my batteries are charged for more and more!! 🙂

  3. Oh Ally! These are fantastic photos! What a magnificent place. And the selection – beyond compare! Enjoy every moment of your trip, and thank you soooooooo much for sharing it with us all! <3

    • Mary…you are such a good supportive friend…thank you for taking time to ride on my magic carpet…we all learn through and with each other!! xoxo

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