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chicken doodle soup

chicken doodle soup

Chicken doodle soup. Yes, it’s my whimsical version of ‘chicken noodle soup’ but with a bohemian flair! I love the rich…

beef chunk chili
beef chunk chili

Winter is just made for chili. Now, there are hundreds of kinds of …

mediterranean simple salad

mediterranean simple salad

Mozzarella~sounds like cinderella~a cheese that originated in Southern Italy. Usually easily found in markets and grocery stores, this se…

breaking bread with family & friends

bailey's chocolate espresso tart

bailey’s chocolate espresso tart

This bailey’s chocolate espresso tart was not only fabulous and easy, but when I shared it on Instagram, the iconic chocolate compa…

grandma's porch

grandma’s porch

When I was a littl’ girl in elementary school, which went to 6th grade,I couldn’t wait for school to be out every day. As a s…

my huge failure=big success
my huge failure=big success

Rose-colored glasses. Yes, that’s what happens when you think others are like you and want only …


spouts n’ eggs
sprouts n’ eggs

The only drawback to this dish is cleaning the skillet. Well, if you use a cast iron skillet like I did. And, trust me, mine is pretty well-seasone…


no rain on my parade

As a child, my Mama instilled in me this steadfast value, ‘you are judged by those with whom you associate.’ One’s repu…

fall + mountains + sage gourmet
fall + mountains + sage gourmet

After hours of driving on the boring Interstate heading to Western North Carolina for a book signing, …

the art of grandmothering
carolina foodie nirvana

Remember Marie Osmond’s hit song, ‘I’m a Little Bit Country, I’m a Little Bit …

inspired home~talking with ree drummond
talking with ree drummond

Ree Drummond is a legend in the food world…a legend who started just about a decade ago as a foo…

is there a heart in seafood
is there a heart in seafood

Archaeology digs uncover history, cultures, people, lifestyles and more. They’re usually painstakingly…