World Food Championships~~PregamePOP!

World Food Championships~~PregamePOP!

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Nothing like working with a group of energetic, talented and creative young foodie women to get things going in Vegas!  A huge shout out goes to Christie from Zestuous, Heather from Basilmomma, and Julie Biederman Hession who’ve worked on this event.  The World Food Championships are literally around the corner, and thanks to the ingenious idea of Beth from Beth’s Table, she and I will be hosting the first, and soon-to-be the most coveted invite to WFC, Pregame POP!

This short sweet get-together is for all competitors coming to the event, and it is especially relevant for home cooks who are competing in various categories, in particular desserts, bacon, sandwich and recipes.  Sometimes we home cooks come solo or just with maybe a friend or family member—unlike other competitors who have teams—like BBQ and Chili!—so, it can be a tad bit intimidating, unnerving and scary.

Pregame POP! will bring us all together on Fremont Street on November 6th at 4:45 p.m. in the Kenmore Kitchen Arena.  We’ll be able to finally meet, in person, folks that we’ve known for months and years in the social media.  A new camaraderie will emerge and long-lasting friendships will be fertilized over some great treats from generous corporate friends like Dole, Julie Biederman Hession Cookies, Popcorn Girl of Las Vegas, 240Sweet Marshmallows, Dasani Water, Challenge Butter, Saucy Mama and more!  There’ll be lotsa ‘swag’ going on from the cute frocks that the girls will be donning to the swag bags of goodies guests be taking back to their hotel rooms!

Of course, the best part will be the toasting and ***clink clink*** of glasses as we all bid each other well—break a leg, good luck, L’Chaim—and then we do what we do best starting that next day~~we become dogged rabid competitors in the kitchen arena each planning to be at the Final Table on Sunday! So be sure and bring your smart phones, iPhones, flip phones, Maxwell Smart phones and cameras~~you’ll want to take as many glamour shots as you can to remember this hour of magic! Don’t be late!

World Food Championships~~PregamePOP!


  1. Sounds like fun, Ally! I’ll be watching your adventures. Have a fantastic time!! xoxo

    • Helena…reeeeaaally, next year YOU need to compete!! It’s so much fun, you’ll make great new foodie friends, and you very well can win some big bucks! I just know you’d be fabulous!! xox

  2. Ally, what a way to kick off the WFC! Your welcoming spirit is sure to be a balm for nerve-wracked souls, novice or otherwise. Have fun (is there any doubt?) and best of luck to you! You go, girl!

    • It’s gonna be a feeding frenzy, for sure, Kim…sure wish you would be there….the presence of you, your soul and spirit would be very calming for me…it’s the craziest food competition on the planet…most importantly, it’s a time to make great new friends who share our passion! xoxo

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