Wall Street Journal~~My Debut!

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Bucket list things are always fun to create~~I mean all you do is dream and shoot for the moon!  And, even if you don’t make it, you just might land among the stars!  One of my bucket listers was to be in a major newspaper for something good I’d done~~not sure what that good would be~~ coulda been as being a good Mom, tutor, educator, actor, friend, grandma, maybe making really good fluffy beds, Wall Street Journal~~My Debut!ironing sheets or whatever~~as long as it conveyed being a ‘happy maker’ in life and sharing goodness!

Well, I can check that off now! And unbeknownst to me, it would be my passion for food, cooking, creating couture recipes, and entering cooking contests that would be that Wall Street Journal~~My Debut!‘goodness’ that would make it to the WSJ!   After winning the DOLE California Cook-Off on a Saturday, there was an article in the Wall Street Journal about it!  WOWWZEEE!  I was like dancing and twirling and would have done backflips and headstands if I coulda!! I mean within 48 hours it flew from West Coast to East Coast!  Another cool thing about this is how other agencies picked up the story~~hummmm, did I tell you another bucket lister is to get to a Broadway (off Broadway) stage!  Never never stop dreaming!



  1. Ally, I’m just now getting caught up on the press & notoriety surrounding your win and WOOHOO!!! What can I say? You deserve every accolade! Thanks for including the WSJ link (& other links) — it was so fun to see “someone I know” featured in that esteemed publication and to learn it was a dream come true for you. Personally, I think they should do a follow-up article on you making really good fluffy beds. 🙂 You’re definitely a happy-maker in my life — so proud of you!

    • Oh, my Kimmmeeee!! I love that you’re hanging out catching up on the adventures of Ally!! And, you remember the fluffy beds!! You’re such an inspirational dear friend…what would I do w/o you??? OMG, purge that thought!! xoxo ~~ally

  2. Wow Ally – I’m so glad you won the Dole California Cook Off! CONGRATS!!!! I mean, if it couldn’t be me… I’m happy it’s you!! lol xoxo

  3. Merry Graham

    WOW ~ now that is a prize within itself!

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