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Remember the movie ‘Pretty Woman?’   Remember, Vivian’s line (Julia Roberts) when she looked at Richard Gere and said, ‘I want the The Fairy Tale...The Picture Storybookfairy tale.’  Well, I GOT the fairy tale–that is for a rabid foodie who’s never been formally trained and who always has dreamed of learning from a real chef.  That was my fairy tale.

How do you document a fairy tale?  How do you create a storybook of pictures that convey candidly a once-in-a-lifetime experience?  Here’s what you do!  You team up with a talented creative photographer and videographer duo–Brent and Barbara Bingham of Brent Bingham Photography!  

It’s hard to capture the magic of what happened in the past couple of days in words and here on paper.  To bring you up to speed on this adventure–I entered a contest sponsored through Campo Viejo wines of Spain.  I won said contest.  The grand prize was a celebrity chef coming to my home to cook a multi-course dinner for 10.  Celebrity chef?  Anthony Sasso of the Michelin-star NYC eatery Casa Mono Bar Jamon.

For almost 16 hours, Brent and Barbara, cameras and videos in hand, followed Chef Anthony, me and my dinner guests from the beginning to the end–in other words from the time that we got up in the morning to go shopping…farmers market, grocery store, fish monger, boutique butcher, and, yes, even WalMart…then on to carrying in the groceries, organizing the kitchen, starting the prep work, setting the table, cutting fresh flowers, uncorking wine and letting it breathe, gussying up and getting ready for a big evening, welcoming guests, and finally devouring the many courses prepared and served by a Michelin-star restaurant chef–yes, Brent Bingham Photography was totally amazing!

Come along with me and experience, even vicariously, my fairy tale–here’s ‘The Picture Storybook’~


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