signed cookbook for you

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I’ve had sooooooooooo many people ask ‘Can I get a signed copy of your cookbook??’ Well, now you can! Here’s the deal~

  1. Send me an email to me at and ask for a copy. Give me your PayPal account email, SHIPPING ADDRESS and who you want it inscribed to (need name & exact spelling!). You’re charged $30 for a cookbook + shipping/packaging {about $10-15 per} (sorry continental USA only*) (multiple cookbooks mean shipping’s less!)
  2. Once you pay for it (or them) through PayPal, I ship out to you! Done & I’m in your kitchen~~yeeehawww! Plus there’s a littl’ surcie in there from my garden!

Makes a Wonderful Gift!

*If you’re not Continental USA, I can get a USPS estimate on shipping costs and let you know.

signed cookbook for you


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