side dishes for adventurous palates

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I get the best ideas from folks that follow me~~I love getting private messages with suggestions because that tells me you care, you want to be involved, and you want to make me better~~how awesome is that!

This idea came from Tonya…she said that she and lots of her friends get in ‘side dish ruts’…oh, yeah, you know wha tyou want to do with the entree, which is usually the meat dish, but it’s those sides that become challenging, and like she said, she reverts back to the old standbys like potatoes, peas, corn, etc.

Well, these sides will get you out of that rut…these are for adventurous palates! They allow you to take many of those side dishes you totally love and I’ve re-designed them into other more interesting textures, flavors, combinations of spices and more. Go ahead, get out of your comfort room, push yourself to that ‘edge’ of looking over the cliff and seeing what other sides might make your entire meal more adventurous!

Just click a picture that makes you drool and you’ll find the recipe~~just say ‘no’ to the side rut! xoxo ~ally



side dishes for adventurous palates

DSC_6474 DSC_0546
DSC_9723-001 DSC_5518 DSC_3084









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