My ‘Boho’ Blue Christmas

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boho blue christmas

Being a blogger/writer/foodie means spending inordinate amounts of time at your craft…yes, it’s a labor of love…one thing that you always hope for is that whatever you’re writing will strike a chord with someone else, will be pertinent and cogent subject matter that will reach the heart strings of maybe one person who’s reading your blog.  That happened most unexpectedly with the Holiday Series of Boho eCookbooks, full of recipes and styling ideas for the holidays, that I created.  A most treasured, seasoned and talented foodie/blogger, one that I consider an icon in my blogging world, Kim Bultman from ‘A Little Lunch’ was truly inspired by the ‘buck ninety nine’ eCookbook…they put her in the spirit, motivated her to do something different, and propelled her into high gear for celebrating~~sneak in and see what Kimby’s Boho Blue Christmas’ is all about~~me thinks you’ll feel her magic!  This is what Boho thinking, fooding and living is all about…taking those steps over the threshold of hooohumm living and finding exhilarating adventure~~and, yes, that’s a relative term!  As you might imagine, I’m immensely flattered by Kimby’s blog post, and it’s a big ol’ ‘atta girl’ making all the work worthwhile!


  1. Aw, shucks, Miss Ally… I’m honored, flattered, and flat out havin’ fun! 😉 Thank you!