My Bohemian Life…The Making of One Picture

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One picture needed…so, you may be thinking, just point and shoot, right?  Au contraire.

Hours of preparation months, weeks & days before the shoot and the day of the
shoot.  A bevy of people flying in from various locations across the country—stylists of every kind—food, hair, makeup, wardrobe, table setting.  Photographers, sous photographers, like sous chefs.  Advertising people.  Branding people.  Company headquarter people.

All come to our humble slice of heaven here on the inlet of South Carolina.  The mission?  Gallo Family Vineyards and Taste of Home magazine.

We laughed.

We sipped wine.

We met awesome folks.

We ate.

We smiled.

We ‘explored’ our space.

We sweated.

We were fanned.

We were dabbed.

We told stories.

We had raucous fun!

Thanks, Gallo Family Vineyards, for the special memories…


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