Welcome to my addictive, zany and sometimes pathetic, as in ‘rrreeeeeally’, world of food! Foodies are a unique, to say the least, group of humans. Can we categorize foodies? Well, yep, I think in some ways—there are the nutritionists, the gluten-frees, the vegetarians, the vegans, the grillers, the bakers, the cupcake makers, the Southern belles, the jams and jellies, the hell braisers, the BBQ kings and the canning queens, the ethnics from Italian, Mediterranean, Indian, and Mexican to the Brits, the Slavs, the Middle Easterners—then of course, there are the many pockets of cuisine in the expansive parts of the good ol’ USA—and I’ve just named a few.

During my adventure into the universe of food via Facebook, blogging, my website and being on MasterChef Season 2, I have come in contact with rabid foodies from all walks of life—doctors, lawyers, punk rockers, nurses, mommies, daddies, students, engineers, accountants, brick masons, sanitation workers, soldiers, performers, dancers, actors, teachers, firefighters, the unemployed, the looking for employment, the retired—all share the same DNA, but we have an exclusive extra pair of chromosomes, number 24, which means we were destined for mutation into the world of food. Come visit with me as I unravel this chromosome and the thousands of genes, each of which contains information for a specific trait!

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