~the louvre grilled cheese~

~the louvre grilled cheese~

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There is simply nothing better than a grilled cheese sandwich. Now sometimes I like the straight forward old fashioned kind with simply cheese, and sometimes it’s got to be Velvetta or just American cheese slices. However, on occasion, my creative tendencies get the best of me, and I become the grilled cheese maestro~~yes, pure artistry with simple ingredients.

This grilled cheese, which I’ve aptly named ‘the louvre’ because of its beauty, is one of those sandwiches~~from the creaminess of the warm cheeses to the crispy pancetta then the cool crunchy cucumbers, my taste buds were on a dizzing spell wondering what had happened~~so here’s to… ~peace & adventurous palates~~ xo ally

~the louvre grilled cheese~

Makes:  1 sandwich

Oven Broiler Needed

What you need:4 3.5” rounds of white sourdough bread cut from the centers of slices of bread (I cut the rounds with the rim of a Ball jar lid.)

5 tbl softened salted butter

½ tsp Herbs de Provence

6 sliced fried pancetta

6 whole fresh raspberries

6 very thin slices English cucumber (skin on)

¼ cup chopped Raclette cheese

¼ cup chopped Gruyere cheese

¼ cup softened mascarpone cheese

4 thin slices softened Camembert cheese

¼ tsp sea salt

 ~the louvre grilled cheese~

What you do:


Mix the chopped raclette and gruyere cheese together in a small bowl.  Set aside for assembly.

Blend together the softened butter and Herbs de Provence in a small bowl. Set aside.

Lay out the other cheeses, cucumber slices, pancetta and raspberries on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

Sandwich Build:

Take each bread round and cover both sides with the herb butter. Over medium high heat, get a non-stick skillet hot.  Put the rounds in and grill on both sides (about 60-90 seconds each) until golden brown.  Remove to the cookie sheet.

Put half of the raclette and gruyere pieces on one round.  Put on a cookie sheet and under a broiler that is already hot—about 4-6” from the broiler.  Watch closely melting cheese about 60-90 seconds.

Remove and put on three slices of the pancetta pushing into the softened cheese.  Put the remaining raclette and gruyere on top and melt under the broiler. Put the remaining 3 pieces of pancetta onto the softened cheese.

Take the next grilled round and cover with most all of the mascarpone (leaving just about 1 tsp).  Perch the fresh raspberries around and one in the middle. Sprinkle with about half of the sea salt.

Take the third grilled round and put the remaining mascarpone on one side.  Place this side down gently on the raspberries.  On top place the Camembert cheese slices folding over if needed to stay basically within the round.

Place the sandwich stack under the broiler (about 8-10” from broiler) and let this cheese melt somewhat—should be about 90 seconds.  Remove and place the thin cucumber slices into the melted cheese.  Sprinkle the remaining sea salt on the cucumbers.

Place the remaining grilled round atop the cucumber layer.  Sandwich is a masterpiece worthy of display at The Louvre!

~the louvre grilled cheese~

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