~keeping good company~

keeping good company

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Growing up, my Mom used to hammer into me the importance of being in the right company, choosing the right friends~~mainly hanging out with kids who shared good values, morals, from good families and kids who had integrity and were working hard to be good citizens.  There’s even a saying that you’re judged by the company you keep~~well, I couldn’t be happier with the company in this food circle!  KeyRingApp recently posted their three favorite favorite bloggers to follow for healthy (but still tasty!) recipes to work into your weekly meal plans in 2014, and I’m delighted to be in the company of these other two prolific and popular food bloggers!

If you haven’t downloaded the KeyRing app then check it out~~it’s one of those ingenious (free!) apps that can make your life simpler, more organized and less stressful~~it’s one of those apps that you thunk yourself on the forehead and say ‘Now why didn’t I think of that!’  It’s also one of those apps that any of the sharks (Shark Tank) would have gobbled up in a heartbeat!

My winning KeyRingApp healthy recipe!  Just click the pix to get to the recipe~~

~keeping good company~




  1. Miss Ally, I see greatness in every one of your posts, recipes, & photos… and talk about being in good company. Sooooo dang proud of you for being selected as a featured blogger — one of THREE, including Miss Ree — for this app. (Deservedly so! xo) Girl, you are on a roll for a reason!

    • Kim~~you know just how to make me feel spectacular…your words, just the way you put things, are pure artistry…thank you for being close and believing in the dream…we both have much to share w/others at this stage of our lives~~so many of the things that are happening are big surprises for me, totally unexpected, and that’s the thrill of life! Travel safely as you head to cold country~~xoxo ~ally

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