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The GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. Congratulations LAURIE BETH! You’re the winner. And, everyone who entered receives 10% off their order of a Jord Watch!

This is a #sponsored post. The info that follows is all my opinion. PS: This is an awesome giveaway! Just click the link right here and you can enter. Super simple!


Enter here or head over to my Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts to enter to win $100 off a JORD WATCH! And, everyone who enters using the link below (or as posted on my social media platforms) will receive a 10% DISCOUNT towards the purchase of a JORD watch.

jord watches

Why I Love This Watch

OK, I’m a sucker for watches. The old-school type. You know that all they do is basically give you the time. And, the watches that have beauty and style. And, when JORD WATCHES contacted me about doing a giveaway for them, well, I jumped on it. Of course, this is a #sponsored post, and I did receive compensation. But, believe me, unless I believe in a product, I don’t jump on the company’s bandwagon for anything. Here’s the scoop of why these Jord Watches appeal to me.

A Little History

I’ve been collecting watches for years. For me, they’re ‘works of art’. Something that is stylish, has personality and is a conversational piece.  I have retro watches from the turn of the century, that would be the 20th century, in all kinds of styles and manufacturers. Pocket watches. Diver watches. Elegant Art Deco 1930s lady’s watches. Hamilton. Elgin. Timex. Cartier. And more.

Watches, like paper calendars that you write on with a pen or pencil, are things of the past it seems. With cell phones, Apple watches and computer electronics, who needs an old-fashioned watch?

Well, I’m here to tell you that YOU DO! And, there is nothing more boho, stylish, and chic than a Jord watch on your wrist.

jord watches

Is it JORD or YOAD?

Remember to get the pronunciation right.

The Jord Watch is enunciated as you’d expect from phonetics. It’s pronounced ‘yode’ like the words RODE, MODE, LOAD or TOAD.  But, it’s with a Y! Yes, ‘Yode’. Just think of this pronunciation and Star Wars. It’s ‘yode’ without the next syllable ‘ah’ as in Yoda. Yode is a Norse word meaning ‘Earth’.

My Dover Watch

OMG, I love my Dover watch style! It’s a skeletal watch, which means regardless of the side you look at, front or back, you see what’s happening inside. Pretty grooooooveee, huh!

I love the masculine look of it. No frilly girleeee watches for me. I want them to be bold and a statement piece on my wrist.

It’s automatic and self-winding. So, it gives me that feature of not having to twist the stem to keep tick tocking.

And, it’s got a lot of visual interest with the notched bezel and wood stacked features. Pure beautiful natural features of the Earth.

Another cool thing about the JORD watches? You can have them custom sized. Plus, engraved. Both great features of personalization.

jord waches





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