How To Make Party Clean-Up Easier for You

Have you ever thrown a party only to realize the amount of work you have to do after everyone leaves to make your home spotless again? Cleaning up large messes might deter you from hosting another party, but the outcome could be different if you could make party clean-up easier for yourself. Use the methods in this article to make party clean-up a breeze!

Empty Your Dishwasher Beforehand

If you absolutely loathe washing the dishes by hand, cover your bases before the party starts by completely emptying your dishwasher. Knowing you have the entire appliance to place dirty dishes in will make clean-up less stressful. Now you won’t have to rearrange your previous plates and cups to make room for the party dinnerware.

Place Receptacles in Plain Sight

Encourage the guests who come to your party to clean up after themselves by placing the receptacles in plain sight. Remember to also have various types of trash bins available to separate recyclables from trash. You could even reduce food waste at the event by having compost bins for guests to throw the appropriate food scraps in. Now you’re creating a sustainable environment by recycling materials and composting scraps and wasted food.

Use Table Clothes

A fast way to make party clean-up easier for you is to use table clothes. If any messes happen or someone starts a food fight (which we hope isn’t the case), you can fold up the cloth and either throw it away or wash it for reuse! Now you won’t have to touch the cold scraps of food that didn’t make it into the garbage.

Ban Glitter and Confetti

One of the most difficult things to clean up is glitter and confetti. The tiny particles of material find their way in all cracks and crevices—trust us, you’ll be cleaning glitter from your kitchen floors for months. Instead, skip the confetti altogether and tell your guests that you prohibit it at your party.

Put Away Your Rugs

If your home is mostly hardwood floors or another hard surface, consider rolling up your rugs and putting them somewhere safe until after the party. Food will cling to the carpet on the rugs and make it more frustrating to clean. If anything spills on the hard floor, soaking up the mess and quickly mopping over it will be much less complicated than cleaning a rug.

Parties are all fun and games until every guest leaves, and you’re left with a disaster. Don’t set yourself up for failure; take extra precautions before everyone arrives by emptying the dishwasher, placing trash bins, covering tables, moving rugs, and banning glitter. What else will you do to make cleaning after hosting an event easier for you?

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