Holiday Rockin' Recipes~~A Baker's Dozen + 1

Holiday Rockin’ Recipes~~A Baker’s Dozen + 1

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We’re all looking for new recipes during the holidays~~with time limited, you certainly don’t want to do the intergalactic search for recipes online, so I’m going to make it a tad bit easier for you!  These are some of my favorites and ones that I’ve oftentimes served at my table for the holidays!  I like them for lots of reasons~~they’re beautiful when served, they’re healthy for the DNA, they’re easy to make, and they’re, of course, boholicious!

All you need to do is click the picture, you know, worth a 1,000 tastebuds, and presto~~my magic carpet takes you to that recipe! Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, dig in and share the good eats/yummmeee luv!

PS~~If you want me to do a few more of these ‘Holiday’ packages for you…just leave me a sweet comment!  AND, if you serve any of these recipes to your crew, I’d be ultimately HONORED if you’d come back and let me know~~peace, love & nameste~~ ally xox

Holiday Rockin' Recipes

Holiday Rockin' Recipes~~A Baker's Dozen + 1


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