~~holiday boho gifting~~

holiday boho gifting

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So many of us girls love the whimsical, natural, unconventional and carefree look, feel and taste of ‘Boho’~~a lot of retailers, like Anthropologie and World Market, have a strong tendency towards the styling flair~~from clothing to entertaining to jewelry and accessories, a Boho look is just really easy to have because it’s all about what makes YOU happy.  This is a kind of style that you internalize, and it permeates your thinking, your being, your doing.  You might find that life is more fulfilling, you’ve ventured out when you thought you couldn’t, and you’ve decided that you’d really like to move from the balcony to the stage of life!

~~holiday boho gifting~~I love how the retailer ‘Free People’ describes us~~ ‘…she’s a wayward goddess on the edge of it all…mixed metallics, sheer chiffons, and seductive silhouettes shock and shine…her wild heart rules.’

Here’s some reads that will give you an idea of what this look and style is all about~~mine seems to come naturally from my Mom, growing up, my ethnic background, being a child of the 60s during the hippie period and just having a natural rebelliousness to conformity in my bones!

If you don’t think this style is you, no problem, but if you’d like to take a peek ~~holiday boho gifting~~over the edge, come on walk closer and try just something small and see how this world fits into yours!

How to Look Boho Chic

How to Have Bohemian Style

Here are some of the things I’d be putting on my letter to Santa to enrich my Boho universe in my closet~~

Hair Accessories~~Get rid of any ‘stinkin’ thinkin’ ~~I could never do that, oh, I don’t look good in things like this, I’ll look silly, blah blah blah…explore and experiment with headbands, turbans, scarves, sparkly hair barrettes/clips, hair jewelry~~Sweaty Bands  Anthropologie Free People~~ my hair salon even carries some cool headbands ~~ come to think of it, I need to start a line of ‘AllyHeadGear’!

~~holiday boho gifting~~Flowy Practical Clothing & Unexpected Combinations~~yep, this is the stuff that just feels downright comfy and good!  So, it’s an easy wear~~no stilettos , skin tight may-you-gasp-for-breath tight clothing~~go ahead, rebel, wear plaids and strips, patterns and sparkles, tea dresses with cowgirl boots!

Jewlery~~the more (at the same time), the better, the bigger the better, the bolder the better~~you can still wear your Southern Belle pearl earrings, but pair them with a sassy bright arm full of bangles or several glittering necklaces layered for a complex look! Scout out junk stores, consignment, thrift, re-sell stores~~you’ll find treasures that are one-of-a-~~holiday boho gifting~~kind!  All ofuh sudden you’ll be donning conversation pieces!

A Vest & A Jeans Jacket~~oh, yeah, these are musts, and you will wear them a lot~~over tee shirts, on a chilly evening, with a tank top underneath~~the ‘jeans’ jacket can be an Army green fatigues looking jacket, too!

A Maxi Dress or Skirt & Boots~~Staples for the Boho style, and, oh, so comfortable~~I have an old pair of rodeo cowboy boots that have seen me through food competitions, traveled Europe and even been to weddings~~they have some good stains, dents, scratches, dust, and wear on them, and I treasure this patina look and feel!

~~peace, love, nameste & come stand on the edge of life xoxo ~~ally

    ~~holiday boho gifting~~ 


~~holiday boho gifting~~






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