Grill a Winner from the DOLE California Cook Off!

Grill a Winner from the DOLE California Cook Off!

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Probably the best things about competitive cooking and making it to these events whether as a viewer, contestant, judge, or just visitor is meeting the people!  And, I had the great fortune of commiserating for four days with foodies who share the same insane passion as I for FOOD!  And, that’s all things food!  From food photography to recipe creation to cooking to food styling~~we’re consumed with everything food.  I mean even a leaf of fresh green mint can send us into orbit, a taste of a sauce, or feasting one’s eyes on the three finalists’ finished dishes at the 2013 California Cook Off!

My new foodie friend, Priscilla, from ‘She’s Cookinwas a sous chef in this event, and along with the finalists and the other sous chefs, including my fabulous Susan from ‘DoughMessTic’ {no way I could have pulled this off without Susan!}, we all became fast friends and bonded over about a 48 hour period!   So, here’s a peek into Priscilla’s time at the Dole Cook Off!  

Oh, yes, loookeee lookeee who won~~my feet still haven’t touched the ground!

Grill a Winner from the DOLE California Cook Off!





  1. I see why you won! It’s looks just wonderful. I’m going to try it July 4th on my anniversary ! Hope you have a great 4th!

    • Hi, Denise!! Just finished dinner w/that amazing daughter of yours!! Yes, I hope you’ll try the kabobs…they’re great!! Hope to see you soon!! xo ally

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