Bohemian Bolognese~~Gallo Family Vineyards Winning Recipe

Bohemian Bolognese~~Gallo Family Vineyards Winning Recipe

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Thirty plus years of perfecting.  Thirty plus years of having hundreds of people eat this dish.  Thirty plus years of getting feedback.  Finally, I believe I have arrived at the most insanely delicious, versatile and unique bolognese sauce.  And, yes, it has my signature Boho twist to it meaning, it’s unconventional and unlike what you’d expect in a ‘real’ Italian bolognese sauce.  When I entered this sauce into the Gallo Family Vineyards contest, I was totally stunned to have their esteemed panel of professional food critics select it as the award-winning recipe.  

Come along and watch the making of one picture for the food magazine ‘Taste of Home’ where I and my family were featured in a Gallo inside cover spread~~Ally’s Bohemian Bolognese!

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