let's break bread

around the table, on a picnic bench, camping, tailgating, on the beach, hiking or whatever, breaking bread should be memorable.

~kale meatball wraps~

kale meatball wraps

Before you bake these kale meatball wraps, you'll think you're looking at a dish of lovely flowers!  Rather than roll the meat mixture entirely in the leaves, I wanted created a more artistic looking dish to serve and present~~after the leaves cook, ... Read More...

~spicy chicken bokchoy arugula soup~

Most of what I cook is sparked by what I see in my refrigerator, pantry or what's sitting on my kitchen counter. Yes, I'm very 'organic' and 'random'...I suppose that's part of my Boho spirit...I go with what moves my soul depending upon the day, the weather, the mood, the vibes that I'm getting from how my day's going. It's great to be like that because, you're always on an adventure! Now you may ask, how do I have the ingredients?

salmon confit & corn medley

And you thought pre-packaged refrigerated canned biscuits were just canned biscuits? Au contraire, these nifty convenience items can be fashioned into a lot of other cool things, and whomever's eating the dish will probably never know you started with canned biscuits! That's the fun part of cooking~~it's like artistry~~the ingredients can create a new canvas. So become a biscuit sculptor in your own kitchen...come up with fun new ways to design and use them...that's what makes being a chef an artist!
Asian Pork BBQ

asian pork bbq

I'm on a mission to learn more about Asian cooking~~ I mean I love to go to Asian restaurants and just like all the different types of foods~~Viet Namese, Thai, Chinese, Japanese~~since I didn't get any of this whatsoever growing up in 'them thar hil... Read More...