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Healthy Hiking Snack Recipes

Healthy Hiking Snack Recipes Summer is approaching and that means family vacation season! I have crafted a list of healthy hiking snack recipes for these moments. Some of my favorite memories with my family include our annual hiking and camping trips. I remember my brothers, Banks and Cage, and me […]

Frenchie & Brite~~The Place. The Cabin. The Food. The Life.

Frenchie & Brite~~The Place. The Cabin. The Food. The Life.

THE PLACE Frenchie & Brite…two eclectic, talented, adventurous friends of ours…Frenchie, an adorable spitball of energy not 100 pounds soakin’ wet, was born and raised in France and came to the U.S. years ago…she journeys back often to see her family who all still live there.  Brite, her Boston born […]

Staying Young~~Is There a Secret to This? You Might Try This~~

Staying Young~~Is There a Secret? You Might Try This~~

Ponce de Leon searched for the fountain of youth.  Dr. Oz gives tips and tricks daily for staying young.  Regenerative medicine is a new field of medical study that’s gaining momentum and immense popularity.  No doubt, baby boomers are forging a different landscape for staying young—they’re not following the pattern […]

DOLE Cook-Off~~Eastern Region Finalist

DOLE Cook-Off~~Eastern Region Finalist

I’m dancing. I’m twirling, I’m doing back flips and head stands!  Well, the latter two, if I could!  I’ve been selected as the Eastern Region Finalist in the 2013 Dole Cook-Off.  Now this is not a bush league contest~~it’s highly competitive, rigorous and the guidelines for the recipe creations were a […]

A Temporary Depression~~Facing Defeat~~Huge Vulnerability

A Temporary Depression

Cooking contests are brutal…you never know what’s going to turn on the judging panel or turn them off.  Probably the Mack daddy of the cooking recipe contest circuit is the ‘Pillsbury Bake Off’—this year, 2013, is the 46th Pillsbury Bake-Off.  I’ve never entered it before, and decided to get out […]