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This GIVEAWAY CLOSES at midnight (MST) 27 SEPTEMBER 2017.


About five years ago, I started my Ally’s Kitchen Facebook page, Ally’s Kitchen Bohemian Bold. My first goal was to reach 25 likes so I could get my own URL on FB. I’d look at these foodie mega fan pages, pages with hundreds of thousands and millions of followers, and think, how in the devil do they make this happen?

Well, I think I’ve found the formula that seems to work for me. Core beliefs and values are the founding blocks of everything in life. And, it was no different when I began my FB page. I wanted to:

1. Post fresh new content everyday. Beautiful food photos and videos.
2. Engage with followers who leave substantive comments. I want you to know that I hear you, read your comments and care.
3. Show appreciation and respect to all who visit and follow my page. You are the wind beneath my wings.
4. Create a global community. Food is the DNA that connects us all. Learning about other food cultures makes us all better.
5. Keep an open flexible mind because that keeps me fresh and better for you.

When my business page reached a thousand followers, I was on cloud nine!

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DEADLINE 27 SEPTEMBER 2017  Winners will be contacted via email sometime after the deadline. 

*IF you would like to enter and live outside of the continental U.S. you can pay for the shipping. Send Ally a message at regarding this. An estimate will be determined. And, you will pay via PayPal prior to any shipping.

Here’s what we’re giving away!!

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