~blow me away~

blow me away

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Sometimes people just blow me away! Meeting spirited folks on Google+ and other social media who just adore food like I do is like having a safe deposit box full of valuables~~one of my shining friends, Mary G., is from across the pond~~she’s got a wicked sense of humor, a divine sense of style, and a keen passion for more cooking that she shares with her dear Sis!

So, when I shared on G+ the link for the PINTEREST board that features selected photos of dishes from the upcoming cookbook, scheduled to launch MAY 2015, Mary response (written on G+), yes, blows me away. Why? Because she gets it, she senses that this cookbook featuring recipes I’ve created that come from inspiration from around the globe~~the Middle East, Mediterranean, Europe, Caribbean, Asian Africa and Side Trips~~is going to let her ride with me tasting new culinary flavors all while cooking in her own kitchen!

Bear with me while I puff up my chest and spread my feathers like a proud and sassy peacock! Thank you, Miss Mary!! xoxo ~~peace, love & nameste~~ ally

Wow lady!!! The work you have done thus far on your cookbook tells me a few important things. It is going to be filled with gorgeous photographs of utterly decadent dishes that will inspire people to run into their kitchens to begin experimenting with Boholicious cooking.

The book will be quite large to accommodate all of your photos and your usual straightforward, step-by-step recipes that make even rank amateurs like me feel extremely confident that we too can cook up your taste bud tantalizing treasures.

Last, but certainly not least, I am happy to see that you have grasped the true meaning of one of my favorite sayings, one armed paper hanger. Hahaha!!!

Bash on dear lady!!!
~blow me away~


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