~~ally & key ring app~~

ally & key ring app

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It’s the #1 shopping app downloaded.  It’s one of the Top 25 apps at the Google PlayStore.  As of this posting there are 9 million users. There are 6-26k downloads daily!  It makes your life easier~~it removes the clutter from your key ring~~it’s ‘Key Ring App’!  I’ve not real tech savvy, but using this app was so easy to use~~painless!!

~~ally & key ring app~~My recipe, ‘Blackberry & Basil Dessert Bites’, was selected as the winner of the Key Ring 2013 ‘Blogger Holiday Recipe’ contest & the prize? Being featured on the app and being seen potentially by 9m+ folks!

This boholicious recipe popped up every time someone clicked the app!  Cell phone screens are/were gleaming with visions of blackberries dancing in their heads!  Hope you try out the app~~it’s rockin’ hot and makes life easier!  And, oh, yeah, here’s the recipe~~just click!








  1. HOW COOL ~ you are a berry good winning cook! What an awesome win for you! Add this to the menu we will prepare next time we are in the kitchen together! Congrats!

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