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chicken meatballs

skinny girl chicken meatballs

One bowl. One skillet. And, these skinny girl chicken meatballs are being served up in no time at all! Full of nutrition & flavor! Super EZ! How to Make Meatballs No need for a lesson in how to make meatballs because you know that you’re going to be rolling meatballs […]

french onion lamb meatballs

french onion lamb meatballs

French onion lamb meatballs made with your favorite French onion dip and other spices! Yes, these lamb meatballs will become your go to meatball recipe! These are crazy good spice lamb meatballs! Spiced Lamb Meatballs Spiced lamb meatballs are more than just rolling seasoned ground meat into balls and cooking. […]

lamb meatballs

turkish lamb asiago meatballs

Asiago lamb meatballs will be perfect as an appetizer or for dinner! So simple to make, you’ll bite into glorious global flavors and creamy asiago cheese! Greek Meatballs Lamb meatballs or Greek meatballs are a welcome variation of the traditional Italian meatball. Spiced lamb meatballs that will give you options […]

mexican meatballs

mexican style meatballs albondigas

Get ready for eating THE BEST Mexican style meatball, or albondigas, that you’ve ever tasted! Moist tender and perfect for a party or weeknight dinners! Mexican Style Meatballs According to our trusty friends at Wikipedia, “Albóndigas are thought to have originated as a Berber or Arab dish imported to Spain […]

tropical meatballs

tropical meatballs

Oh, these tropical meatballs will go super fast at your next cocktail party! And, if you want to morph this into dinner, serve over rice! YUM! Pineapple Meatballs Recipe Thanks to Dole Sunshine for partnering with me on this pineapple meatballs recipe! I am the creator of this recipe and for […]

mediterranean meatballs with red gravy

mediterranean meatballs with red gravy

These Mediterranean meatballs in a red gravy sauce are just beyond decadent! I’d strongly advise you to make them then serve 24 hours later. Just sitting in the refrigerator and all the ingredients hanging out together in harmony will intensify the flavors so much more. By using two meats, grassfed […]

meatballs recipe

ground chicken chorizo italian meatballs

Ground chicken meatballs seasoned with some tasty beef chorizo makes meatballs just a tad bit healthier! And, since I’ve done a fusion of Asian and Italian in this meatball seasoning mixture, I’m thinking you’re not going to believe you’re eating ground chicken meatballs! Asian Italian Ground Chicken Meatballs There’s nothing […]

asiago fresh herb meatballs

asiago fresh herb meatballs

Meatballs are such a comfort food for me. I mean who doesn’t love a good meatball. It’s like a ball filled with so much flavor, and my asiago fresh herb meatballs have even more flavor than you’d typically expect in a meatball! That’s probably because of the abundance of fresh […]

spinach feta greek meatballs

spinach feta greek meatballs

The most time-consuming part of this spinach feta greek meatballs recipe is patting out the water from the thawed spinach! That’s it! I probably used multiple paper towels. It’s quite amazing how much water there is in the frozen chopped spinach. While I didn’t make them ‘bone dry’, I did […]

pesto meatballs and marinara sauce

pesto meatballs and marinara sauce

Meatballs can be a meal for me and my family. And, these pesto meatballs and marinara sauce are just that. All you need to do is add maybe a salad, something crunchy! Here’s what I’d recommend! Bleu cheese coleslaw. OMG! You’re going to love the contrast of flavors. Especially, the […]

cashew chicken meatballs & orange ginger sauce

cashew chicken meatballs & orange ginger sauce

So who says meatballs are only for dinner dishes or sandwiches! I decided it was time to have meatballs for breakfast. And, that’s why I created this cashew chicken meatballs and orange ginger sauce. We had house guests, actually my son and his very significant other, for several days. Now […]

meatloaf meatballs

meatloaf meatballs

Meatballs. Meatloaf. Really what’s the difference? I mean they are so close in the ingredients that you use to make them that you could say they’re pretty much the same, right? Main different is the size. These meatloaf meatballs make your belly happy! Sooooooooooooo, I’m combining the two and making […]

country style beef meatballs with gravy

country style beef meatballs with gravy

Comforting Food Comforting food is what we turn to in times of stress, turmoil and other emotional things that just make our hearts heavy. Comforting food is healing, I think. Food is healing in general. But, sometimes we need to feed the spirt and soup as well as the body. […]

~bison puttenesca meatballs & linguine~

~bison puttenesca meatballs & linguine~

So what do you do when you want a good tasting meatball, but you don’t want to use beef, and you have dinner guests who don’t eat red beef or pork?  Well, for me, I turned to bison then added turkey pepperoni for some added flavor.  Now I’m not a […]

Moroccan Meatballs & Lemon Pepper Angel Hair Pasta

moroccan meatballs

Probably one of my most favorite types of foods would be those that are considered ‘Middle Eastern’. I just love the spices whether you’re thinking Morocco, Israel, Tunisia or other areas in the Middle East.  I’ve created so many recipes using these spices, and this particular recipe was developed during […]

The Daily Buzz~~Ally & Lance & Meatballs!

So the World Food Championships brings together home cooks and professionals for several days of wickedly wild cooking!  I talked about this opportunity with Lance on the nationally-syndicated news/entertainment show, The Daily Buzz~~just click to watch my 3 minutes of magic meatballs, Dole and WFC! 

italian meatballs

mozzarella italian meatballs

These mozzarella italian meatballs get better and better on days 2 and 3. That is, IF there are any left to ‘age’ that long!  I usually make these meatballs when I’m making my ‘Bohemian Bolognese’, a ‘Signature Recipe’, because most all the stuff is there and ready to go. It’s […]

one skillet basil pesto pasta

One skillet. 30 minutes. So simple and easy! Bingo, you have delicious basil pesto pasta! Will be a dinner table hit! Definitely a winner! Skillet Cooking Maybe I’m old school, but skillet cooking is a big part of what I grew up with! We didn’t have many gadgets or fancy […]

reasons spice food

healthy reasons to spice food

There are some sound reasons to spice your food. Besides taste, you’ve got great health benefits that are delivered by these glorious spices! All About Spices Those who know me know full well that I cook with a lot of spices—all kinds of spices, spice blends, and not just your […]

red lentil soup

chorizo red lentil soup

A meal in a bowl! That’s what you have wil this chorizo red lentil soup! Healthy and nutritious, you’ll be serving in under an hour! Yummmy! Soups with Red Lentils There’s nothing more filling and healthy than soups with red lentils. Or any lentil for that matter.  Red Lentil Soup […]

cajun meatloaf

grandma’s cajun meatloaf

Comfort Foods Grandma’s cajun meatloaf will be the only meatloaf recipe you need! It will be your go to comfort food. Grandma’s Cajun meatloaf is juicy, simple, easy and guaranteed to be the best meatloaf recipe out there! Comfort foods. When you think of them you’ll probably mention mac n’ […]

mashed red potatoes

mashed red potatoes and fresh dill

OMG, you’re gonna love love these mashed red potatoes and fresh dill! I mean it’s a fabulous combination of creamy and dilly all in one! Now depending upon your texture palate you can mash to your heart’s delight. For me, I’m totally loving small lumps in my red potato mashers, […]

mango chicken

mango salsa chicken bowl

Mango Chicken Recipe Cheeeekin! Who doesn’t love chicken. In fact, chicken is one of the most searched food recipes! Everyone’s looking for new recipes to use with chicken. This mango chicken recipe is perfect with all kinds of chicken. Bone in. Boneless. Skinless. Skin on.  All kinds of cuts of […]

turkey sandwich

French Madame Turkey Sandwich

And, you think this is just any other ordinary turkey sandwich? Well, think again! It’s a turkey sandwich like none other! French Madame Turkey Sandwich There’s nothing tastier than a really great sandwich. I mean it’s a meal when you really think about it. Load it with veggies for your […]

short ribs stew

short ribs vegetable stew

Short Ribs Stew Melt in your mouth short ribs vegetable stew is hearty, belly-filling and sure to please your family! Of course, you can use a slow cooker or multi-cooker! For this short ribs stew recipe, I knew I wanted a really rich deep beef flavor, so I’m using boneless […]

skinny girl harissa chicken tomatoes onions & feta

harissa chicken tomatoes onions & feta

Harissa chicken is a brilliant recipe in my skinny girl series of quick, simple, easy & delicious food! Believe me, it will be a go to! What is Harissa To appreciate this harissa chicken more, here’s a quick history on Harissa from Wikipedia As with the European cuisine, chili peppers […]

Party Entertainment Ideas

Own Your Party Entertainment Ideas

Disclosure: I am a brand ambassador for True Aussie Beef & Lamb. (Yes, I’m very lucky to be working with a great company!) And, I’m compensated for creating recipes and posts, including this one, ‘Own Your Party Entertainment Ideas’, for them. Believe me, I don’t partner with any brand unless I truly […]

eggplant parmesan

eggplant parmesan quick version

This eggplant parmesan, my quick version, will be a hit for your family’s dinner! When you make bolognese, it’s usually a big pot. There’s plenty leftover for freezing. And, why not transform it into this quick version of eggplant parmesan. During the Summer when Farmers’ Markets are buzzing, you can […]

hot dogs

crazy good olive onion hot dogs

Crazy good olive onion hot dogs. Yep, that’s what these are. It was really hard coming up with a name, and I kept going back to the idea of, ‘Dang, these are crazy good!’ Now, I’m an olive addict. I admit it. I just love them. All types of olives. […]

veal harissa meatball & fruit kabobs

veal harissa meatball & fruit kabobs

Defining moments. Those are the times in life when your remember precisely where you were, what you were thinking, what you were doing, wearing, thinking. You recall everything about it because you were completely immersed in the moments. Usually defining moments change your life. I suppose that’s why we call […]

cutie pie no bake chocolate coconut almond dessert

cutie pie no bake chocolate coconut almond dessert

There’s not enough great things I can say about this dessert! I mean this cutie pie no bake chocolate coconut almond dessert requires zero cooking skills. Truly, just follow these directions and you’ll have this luscious no bake pie in your refrigerator in now. And, the best thing about it? […]

aussie moroccoan lamb kefta

aussie moroccoan lamb kefta

This recipe is brought to you by True Aussie Beef and Lamb. I was compensated for creating this recipe using their product. All of the thoughts and opinions written are mine completely. There’s nothing more exhilarating for me as an avid home cook than to experiment with new flavors, textures […]

creamy vodka marinara sauce

creamy vodka marinara sauce

You’ll be eating this creamy vodka marinara sauce for breakfast! Besides pasta it’s a perfect sauce for creating your Moroccan shakshuka! Quick Marinara Sauce Sometimes my eyes get bigger than my stomach! In other words, sometimes when I’m grocery shopping, especially at Costco, I sometimes am motivated to load up […]

healthy soups

hot italian sausage kale bean paesan soup

Sometimes, out of the blue with no expectations at all, you hit a homerun with a recipe creation. And, that’s what this hot italian sausage kale bean paesan soup is. A home run! And, I had no idea when I started fashioning this soup. This assessment is not just from […]

rustic Italian chicken shitake mushroom pot

rustic italian chicken shitake mushroom pot

Meals in bowls always seem a little bit more comforting to me than on a plate. There’s just something about maybe the broth, the gravy, the au jus or whatever there is that you can sop up with crusty hot bread, cornbread, rolls. You get the idea! This rustic Italian […]

food is a family affair

I’m so happy to share this beautiful post ‘food is a family affair’ because it’s the memories of one special friend, Joan Leotta, who is a published author and writer who happens to have a love affair with food. Memories like this can make you realize how strong the impressions […]

moroccan veal kefta

This moroccan veal kefta is a sponsored post~Cedar Springs Veal. #ReVEALingExcellence All of the content and opinions is strictly my own. Growing up, I never really had the chance to eat veal. Just wasn’t available in the hollers of West Virginia where I was raised. Sometimes I think being ‘deprived’ of […]

vietnamese bokchoy shrimp soup

vietnamese bokchoy shrimp soup

This vietnamese bokchoy shrimp soup just makes you feel healthy. I mean take a gander at the ingredients. Nothing in there that’s not good for your digestive system! Now it’s not a big deal to make it. I’ve been adventuring into more Asian foods in the past 18+ months. Trust […]

greek vegetable soup

farm table greek vegetable soup

Farm-to-Table Chunks of fresh vegetables in a rich sauce make this greek vegetable soup a full meal in a bowl. Imagine you’re with me at a Greek cafe on the Adriatic! You’ve, no doubt, heard of the farm-to-table idea’. It’s nothing new to me. I grew up on this way […]

coconut jasmine rice

tandoori coconut jasmine rice

When I created this recipe for coconut jasmine rice, I thought it would serve eight plus. After four of us had it for dinner and there was just about 2 cups remaining, I revised to say six! If you love rice, then this tandoori coconut jasmine rice can be an entire […]

greek veal

greek veal kleftiko ‘stolen meat’

This Greek veal keftiko, an easy one skillet meal, will give you those extraordinary flavors that come from exquisite Mediterranean foods! Veal Recipes Sometimes folks shy away from veal recipes because they might think it’s a more complicated protein to prepare. But, veal, like lamb is rather simple and easy […]

2013~~Highlights of a Lucky Year

2013~~Highlights of a Lucky Year

~~Remembering 2013~~ ~~Some of the Best Ally’s Kitchen’s Chest Bump Moments~~ ~~And this is just a sampling~~ Taste of Israel ~~ Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my cooking and culinary passion would take me to the Holy Land as one of 7 international bloggers invited as guests […]

Frenchie & Brite~~The Place. The Cabin. The Food. The Life.

Frenchie & Brite~~The Place. The Cabin. The Food. The Life.

THE PLACE Frenchie & Brite…two eclectic, talented, adventurous friends of ours…Frenchie, an adorable spitball of energy not 100 pounds soakin’ wet, was born and raised in France and came to the U.S. years ago…she journeys back often to see her family who all still live there.  Brite, her Boston born […]