Sweet 16 Again!

Turning back the hands of time could, yes, the operative word, be one of the coolest things…kind of like Michael J. Fox in ‘Back to the Future’!  While sometime in the future that very well could be possible, right now all we have for ‘turning back’ those hands of time is what I call wisdom

Ally’s Kitchen is more than just food and cooking…it’s hanging out in the heart of the home and sharing.  Let’s do something fun for others!

This ‘Sweet 16’ post is dedicated to continually seeking out the wisdom of those who come to Ally’s Kitchen.  I think that over time, there will be a landfill of great advice, stories, information, and ideas deposited right here on this page!  Who knows?  Maybe those who are in the throes of their sweet sixteen years of life, teenagers, can benefit from something you say…well, maybe!  The first step is gathering and posting here.  Maybe some teenager, or a parent, will use this forum to get through a tough period.  We’re planing seeds that just might  impact a kids who are in these tumultuous, albeit wonderous, years of their lives!

Alright!  Let’s get your ‘2 cents’ worth’ in here!  Post your thoughts to the following…don’t forget to add some info on yourself!  And, thanks ever sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much…you’re affecting humanity!

1.  At your age now, IF you can turn back the hands of time and talk to your 16 year-old self, what piece of advice would you give yourself? 

2.  Include a brief blurb as to who you are…i.e., “Tom Cruise/Actor”  “Annabelle/Mom of 22” “Tom Dooley/Hangin’ Down my Head”  “Wilma Flintstone/Wife of Fred”

3. Include the address (http://www.blahblah blah  any website or blog you may have!

4.  Would love to have your picture, too, from those Sweet 16 days…I gotta figure out how to do this on my website! 

5. YES!  You can post more than once…I mean you probably have a LOT of advice to give and the world needs to hear from you!