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My dear friends…

I write this letter dreams do come true~a love letter  because I want to share some of my emotions and thoughts on this very momentous lucky 13~~November 13, 2012 .

‘When I created my FB cooking page in March 2011 shortly after returning from a disappointing, yet confidence boosting and gratifying,  Season 2 MasterChef experience and getting punked and ‘body slammed’ by Chef Gordon Ramsay, I was reluctant to even think about doing a FB page to share my cooking, ideas, lifestyle, recipes, and, in general, shenanigans of life!  I mean it’s really incredible how someone’s words can cut into the heart of your soul and you suddenly have your beliefs shattered.  I still find it hard to watch the clips of me on the show knowing that a nationwide audience witnessed him taking a machete and whacking me below the knees!  However, after some soul-searching and knowing I always want to live my life with ‘no regrets’ as much as I can, I thought ‘What the heck!’  If it doesn’t work, it’s nothing ventured, nothing lost.

So, with that ‘What’s for Dinner?  Ally’s Kitchen’ was born!  Actually, I was really reluctant to even publicize it, but I knew I had to have at least 25 likes to get a URL, so that was my goal, get that first 25.  With the help of some sweet family/friends, that happened, albeit slowly.  After that I felt like a big ol’ turtle in the FB foodie universe, slowly plodding along, creating dishes in our teeny Boston kitchen, taking pictures in the window sill, praying for a sunny day since we lived like in a basement apartment, and using a digital camera that was just a step above an old Brownie Polaroid of the 1960s!  Slowly I started finding other foodies, connecting with them on FB, and I’d always marveled, and still do, at how very successful they were~~I learned from them!  One of my dear MC friends, Chi, encouraged me to start a website~~I had NO idea what I was doing or why!  But, thanks to Chi, an amazingly talented creative girl from ‘THE CITY’ I was moved along the way of website building, hand-holding all the way!  Since then, my sassy and feisty webmeister, Whitney, who happens to be my yogini, too, is my guide!  Our work together not only includes food, eating, design, laughing and dreaming, but lots of warrior, crow, and nameste poses and practice.  The mat is never far away!

The thing I know about this 18 month journey to 10,000 likes on Facebook,  having a website that in October 2012 had 9100+ unique visitors, building a camaraderie of friendships within the foodie universe with friends all over the world, and  earning awards and accolades for recipes I’ve created is that none of this achievement could have been done without the support of my patient and supportive husband, Ben, and the collaborative work of so many many friends and family who’ve believed in me, who share in the passion of food and cooking, and who are truly joyful and happy for the success of Ally’s Kitchen!

Sometimes I feel like the slightly younger version of ‘Grandma Moses’ who started her painting career in her LATE 70s and who at 88 was named  by  Mademoiselle magazine “Young Woman of the Year”.   We all know that, in general, our society adores and loves youth~~no wrinkles, cellulite, grey hair, white teeth, buff bodies~~you know what I’m talking about.   Grandma Moses’s story and life has always been a huge inspiration to me~~a shining example that you CAN write your own ending script in life~~ and that’s precisely what this 10k likes means to me!  Dreams do come true with passion, commitment, a helluva LOT of work, and wonderful folks like you who join in the journey!

To celebrate I’m giving away this adorable Boho bracelet made by Lucky Brand, love love that company, and one that I found and bought because I wanted it, but am so happy to share with one of you!  

Just leave a comment here, and you’re in the running to win this bracelet, and, yes, I’ll ship it outside the contiguous U.S., too!!  I humbly and respectfully say THANK YOU and let’s move to the next 10k!!  Peace. Love. Nameste. xoxo  Ally

10,000 Likes~~Dreams Do Come True~~A Love Letter to You!



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