dreams do come true~a love letter

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My dear friends…

I write this letter dreams do come true~a love letter  because I want to share some of my emotions and thoughts on this very momentous lucky 13~~November 13, 2012 .

‘When I created my FB cooking page in March 2011 shortly after returning from a disappointing, yet confidence boosting and gratifying,  Season 2 MasterChef experience and getting punked and ‘body slammed’ by Chef Gordon Ramsay, I was reluctant to even think about doing a FB page to share my cooking, ideas, lifestyle, recipes, and, in general, shenanigans of life!  I mean it’s really incredible how someone’s words can cut into the heart of your soul and you suddenly have your beliefs shattered.  I still find it hard to watch the clips of me on the show knowing that a nationwide audience witnessed him taking a machete and whacking me below the knees!  However, after some soul-searching and knowing I always want to live my life with ‘no regrets’ as much as I can, I thought ‘What the heck!’  If it doesn’t work, it’s nothing ventured, nothing lost.

So, with that ‘What’s for Dinner?  Ally’s Kitchen’ was born!  Actually, I was really reluctant to even publicize it, but I knew I had to have at least 25 likes to get a URL, so that was my goal, get that first 25.  With the help of some sweet family/friends, that happened, albeit slowly.  After that I felt like a big ol’ turtle in the FB foodie universe, slowly plodding along, creating dishes in our teeny Boston kitchen, taking pictures in the window sill, praying for a sunny day since we lived like in a basement apartment, and using a digital camera that was just a step above an old Brownie Polaroid of the 1960s!  Slowly I started finding other foodies, connecting with them on FB, and I’d always marveled, and still do, at how very successful they were~~I learned from them!  One of my dear MC friends, Chi, encouraged me to start a website~~I had NO idea what I was doing or why!  But, thanks to Chi, an amazingly talented creative girl from ‘THE CITY’ I was moved along the way of website building, hand-holding all the way!  Since then, my sassy and feisty webmeister, Whitney, who happens to be my yogini, too, is my guide!  Our work together not only includes food, eating, design, laughing and dreaming, but lots of warrior, crow, and nameste poses and practice.  The mat is never far away!

The thing I know about this 18 month journey to 10,000 likes on Facebook,  having a website that in October 2012 had 9100+ unique visitors, building a camaraderie of friendships within the foodie universe with friends all over the world, and  earning awards and accolades for recipes I’ve created is that none of this achievement could have been done without the support of my patient and supportive husband, Ben, and the collaborative work of so many many friends and family who’ve believed in me, who share in the passion of food and cooking, and who are truly joyful and happy for the success of Ally’s Kitchen!

Sometimes I feel like the slightly younger version of ‘Grandma Moses’ who started her painting career in her LATE 70s and who at 88 was named  by  Mademoiselle magazine “Young Woman of the Year”.   We all know that, in general, our society adores and loves youth~~no wrinkles, cellulite, grey hair, white teeth, buff bodies~~you know what I’m talking about.   Grandma Moses’s story and life has always been a huge inspiration to me~~a shining example that you CAN write your own ending script in life~~ and that’s precisely what this 10k likes means to me!  Dreams do come true with passion, commitment, a helluva LOT of work, and wonderful folks like you who join in the journey!

To celebrate I’m giving away this adorable Boho bracelet made by Lucky Brand, love love that company, and one that I found and bought because I wanted it, but am so happy to share with one of you!  

Just leave a comment here, and you’re in the running to win this bracelet, and, yes, I’ll ship it outside the contiguous U.S., too!!  I humbly and respectfully say THANK YOU and let’s move to the next 10k!!  Peace. Love. Nameste. xoxo  Ally

10,000 Likes~~Dreams Do Come True~~A Love Letter to You!




  1. OMG! I won the beautiful bracelet, thank you so much !! I’m so happy !!!! thank you !!


    • Daniela!! YES!! You won this wickedly beautiful bracelet!! I’m sooooooooooo happy for you!! And, thank you, for being so supportive of ally’s kitchen!! Now, I need for you to private message me w/your mailing address!! xoxo Ally

  2. Hey love! Thank u so much for all the great recipes … U have helped me get through my slump while being on this diet! Sometimes I just miss my mom being right around the corner to help me think of a great idea … U have def helped me full that void with some great ideas I know she will love too! Congrats lovey! You r an amazing person and chef in my eyes! Thanks again for everything! Your the best!

    • this is whitney, the web girl..glad you were able to get your comment up:). sorry for any frustration. i know what it’s like to be in that moment of writing only to be shut down! thanks for the patience and your awesome words for ally~

  3. Definitely a beautiful bracelet, I do believe I need it.

  4. Cindy Tilley-Johnson

    I love your FB info and your blog! Thanks for all you share with us.
    Beautiful bracelet and would love to win it!

  5. How are those handsome sons of yours? Love the bracelet.

  6. Thanks for your blog! 🙂

  7. Love your posts. Bracelet is absolutely beautiful

  8. The bracelet is beautiful Ally and you are priceless!! Congratulations!!!

  9. Thanks for your wonderful ideas, especially when I need them.

  10. That is a great looking bracelet! I love your posts!!

  11. I really enjoy your blog!

  12. It’s gorgeous! Congrats on 10k…that’s big time! Thanks. xx

  13. OMG I read this on FB how beautiful.. Then I read on you will ship outside the USA..so it’s ops to Canadian residents? Whoowhooo I’d love to win it. Lovely….thanks. Lisa

  14. Never there has been a day go by I regret meeting you through Pinterest and your BOHO Banana Marscapone Flax Bread, still one of my favs. Hugs from “Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard” here on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario Canada. Congrats Ally ! with many more to be in your future.

  15. You Rock! Congratulations and thanks for sharing so much more than recipes. You are so real. XOXO Nicole

  16. Thanks so much for all of your fantastic ideas!!! My kitchen has nopt been the same since I found your site!!!! My Family thanks you too!!!

  17. such a beautiful and unique bracelet!


  19. Enjoy all the creative ideas that you share. You bring fun into the kitchen, thanks!

  20. It’s beautiful…. And I love your posts! Thanks!

  21. Ally! Congrats on 10K! You deserve every single one of those fans! Amazing, beautiful hard working woman! I’m a better person knowing you and actually having met you! Will see you again soon! Love you! Bia

  22. Love that bracelet- will wear it always and think of you each time I look at it

  23. I just wanted to say Congratulations again Ally!! I could not have happened to a nicer or more talented foodie. You always make the rest of us bloggers feel special and welcomed when we stop by your page. You ROCK girl!!!

  24. ally..I don’t know how long I have been on your page now….its just always been there for me….you really don’t know what an inspiration you are to people…I started my little cooking page a year ago..just something for close friends to be able to share recipes…just everyday cooking for busy lives…and recently..with the help of my bestie I have begun to go at it in earnest…I am writing weekly menus and even posting a grocery list….and people seem to like it!… ive added almost a hundred people in the last month. my friend is nudging me to do a website…I don’t know how that will go in the future, but reading your stories this past month has really given me a light to look forward to…I appreciate your hard work and love your page..YOU HAVE INSPIRED ME!… you are truly a beautiful person!

  25. Helen Blankenship Cook

    I’m so very proud to say that this is a hometown gal. You have more than proven what hard work and never giving up is all about. Your parents, I’m sure are looking down with smiles on their faces at all that you have accomplished in your lifetime. You are HAPPY and make others feel good about themselves and that is truly what life is all about. May God bless you and your family this holiday season and through the coming years.

  26. Love your story,your page and your spirit! The bracelet is beautiful too! I relate to all you wrote.Grandma Moses is an inspiration to me as well.I am just over 50.it was my birthday yesterday.O.k..53..yikes I said it!
    I am the proud mom of two college girls..one who is in grad school to be a dentist~one more year! I am a singer/songwriter and I play harmonica. I love Etta James,Billie holiday,Norah jones,Bonnie Raitt,Janis ~to name a few inspirations.I am playing music again.. And sometimes that inner voice says..you’re too old” I won’t listen..the better voice says” go for your dream!! You rock!”
    All the best to Ally!~Namaste ~Lisa <3

  27. You are simply awesome Ally!! Love your FB page and your blog 🙂

  28. So beautiful! I love it!!!!

  29. such a cool bracelet

  30. Love the bracelet beautiful,

  31. Congrat’s on your 10K and I enjoyed reading your post. It is very true, you can write your own ending.

  32. Veroshka van der Walt

    Congrats on the 10k likes! Awesome 🙂 What a beautiful design, it is really beautiful.

  33. Congratulations.. Love all your recipes and some I turn vegan for my husband and he loves everything I have made so far. Looking forward to trying new things..

  34. Congrats to you Ally! I have thouroughly enjoyed your page since I found it and love the ideas you have shared with us. Keep it up and here’s to the next 10,000. I also love this bracelet, it is beauttiful and has a very simple elegance to it that I look for in any jewelry I purchase. 🙂

  35. You’re one class act Doc. 🙂

  36. Ally, I want to congratulate you on reaching 10,000+ fans. That’s fantastic! Your have a special something about you that is so endearing. I hope we get to meet sometime in person. Meanwhile, I’m happy to have gotten to know you via the internet. Also, I love the bracelet. It’s totally my Boho style. xoxo

  37. Congratulations Ally! I love your generosity of spirit which is evident in everything you say and do! Here’s to the next 10K CHEERS!!

  38. So love your site and this bracelet!

  39. This site is just what I needed to brighten my days. I would love to be entered onto your giveaway, and good luck to all of us.

  40. Congratulations my friend, you are so deserving of this! I am so happy you found me in the foodie universe. I can remember the day you “liked” me on Facebook. I was shocked that you even noticed little ol’ me. You have given me so much more confidence in myself and are a true inspiration to me!! Here’s to the next 10K my love!!!!

  41. WOW! 10K COngrats! You’ll be at 15K soon! You are definilty one of my favorite pages. Great ideas & recipies. I just descoved Lucky Brand jewlery. It’s one of my friends absolute favorites!

  42. Congrats! Beautiful bracelet!

  43. Congrats on your trip to Vegas! I can’t wait to see the show air on tv!

  44. Ally, you are so amazing, creative and gorgeous. I love seeing your recipes and dishes you post. Pooh on the chef who discouraged you. What does he know.
    Many hugs to you and Ben.
    I’m thinking we need to to a “foodie” cruise where all of you can create a dish and give all of us who aren’t creative in the kitchen some ideas and inspiration.

  45. Hi there! Warmest congratulations on reaching 10K! Well deserved! You have a really great website!
    I’d love to take part in this wonderful giveaway so please count me in.
    Warm regards, Camilla

  46. Is so beautiful and I adore the little leaves in the center. Thank you for this giveaway !!

  47. Thank you for being the nucleus of our Bohemian family !! You are true inspiration and have taught me so much in the short time that I have had the pleasure of knowing you. I cannot wait to see what the future holds and thanks to your spirit I see great things on the horizon. So, here’s to living life with NO REGRETS !! Life is like waiting for the perfect wave, catch it and ride it without fear. Thank you for everything you have done for me, Beautiful !! xoxo Chef Lisi Bella 🙂

  48. I am so happy you created your wonderful website! I enjoy each and every visit. I have a feeling it would take more than the mere mortal Chef Ramsey to take take the wind from your sails! Wishing you all the best and here’s to the next 10,000!! ♥

  49. 10,000 likes! That’s amazing, congratulations!

  50. You know you inspire me tons. <3

  51. What an accomplishment to reach 10,000 likes…well now you’re over that!!! :o) Congratulations!!!
    BTW I love this bracelet with its leafy design and sparkles, it’d make a wonderful Christmas gift for my daughter, whom I KNOW will love it!!!
    Thank You for this wonderful opportunity!
    Take Care

  52. Ally girl — you sweet thing – just reading your post gave me goosebumps – what a culinary adventure. So proud of you and making the 10 k milestone – and here’s to 20 k – baby 😉 and must add what a sassy and charming gift – just like you. Chantal xoxo

  53. You are an inspiration my dear Dr. Alice. I so enjoyed reading this post and it is no surprise to me your success in just a mere 18 months. Take my name out of the drawing for the bracelet and send it on to someone who might not have had the pleasure of spending so many years under your wing. Peace and love dear teacher. 🙂

  54. Oh Miss Ally! You are wonderful and I think it is SO important to embrace this part of our lives. They are just as exciting as our 20’s or 30’s or later. We are so much more appreciative of everything!! Congratulations on your 10K and best wishes for the next 10 and beyond! xoxox Sara

  55. You are truly an inspiration to us all Ally ! ….and these 10,000 LIKES are really 10,000 LOVES !!! Here’s to your next 10,000 xxoo

  56. All my love and friendship always my dearest friend! You are such an inspiration and joy! I am thankful each and every day to call you friend.

    May your days be filled with joy, happiness, and peace!

  57. Congratulations Ally!! Your life and accomplishments in your life are amazing. You constantly set the bar, to let us all know nothing is beyond your reach. Just strive to work hard, do all you can do too do your best, and nothing is impossible to accomplish. You inspire everyone you meet. So happy for you and this achievement of wonderful likes and goal you’ve achieved. Plus the many other goals and achievements you have received. So proud of you and honored to be your friend. You inspire us all, Thank You 🙂

  58. I hope all your dreams come true! xo

  59. All I have to say is that I’m glad you’re not selling notebooks on QVC, Baby Girl! You have created your niche! Nobody does it better or with more zest or joy! Love you and yours and theirs much! Happy Thanksgiving!

  60. Well, I think you are brilliant and my good friend Ben Starr does too! Gordon Ramsey is so fortunate that I am not God! I am wishing you the very best as you so deserve the best! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

  61. Has it really been 18+ months since we first met on Master Chef? Amazing! So glad to have met you. I am cherishing our friendship, and honorary “sista” moniker. Love you! Congrats and best wishes!

  62. It is so good to see you in class again, what a beautiful practice. Congrats to you.

  63. Dear Ally, you are a true inspiration! Robert Frost had us in mind when he penned “The Road Not Taken” ~ We both took the one less traveled by and that has made the difference! Wish you a sparkling new day full of love and light!

  64. Goodness Lady! You rock! “18 month journey to 10,000 likes on Facebook”! I started blogging in June of 2010 and FB July of 2010 and I’m still working on 5,000. LOL
    Love you girl! You are amazing!!!
    Lynn ~ Southern With A Twist

  65. WOWZERS how pretty is that!?!
    I think if I won it would be a perfect gift for my momma 🙂

  66. I am absolutely thrilled for you my dear friend Ally Girl!

  67. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story and bringing us so much inspiration and joy.

  68. Very beautiful! My daughter is hosting an event to raise money for the jersey shore families affected by Sandy. She has a great band lined up for the event. She will be thrilled that I am not wasting my time on the computer she so generously bought me.

  69. I love this article! You inspire me!

  70. Oooo, I like! ! I want one. P.S. I love your FB page and appreciate what you do to give all of us pleasure and inspiration…thank you.

  71. Congratulations, an amazing story and accomplishment. All the best.

  72. What a lovely post. I am always dazzled by your kitchen magic but I value, even more, your giving nature and BIG spirit. You must leave stardust in your pathway!!

  73. You have been such an inspiration for me! Congratulations!

  74. Ally, I’m tickled that you followed your dreams and your heart — congrats on hitting 10K! Your opening thoughts show how easily the world can manufacture a different “truth” — don’t you believe it! — your blog is the true reflection of YOU — the Ally we know & love. Way to go, sweet friend!!!

  75. I love Ally! If she were a piece of cake I would eat her up!


  76. Congratulations on 10,000 likes! Here’s to continued success in your pursuits! You are an inspiration to many & your drive, determination & grit are an example for all of us to follow. Be proud of your successes & know there are so many more ahead! Best wishes!!

  77. This article was a true joy to read. Not am I only very happy and excited for you ; it has given me much inspiration in my daily life.

  78. What a stunning bracelet! I sure would love to win this for my 50th birthday that’s on Nov 19th. My hubby and I will be in Hawaii to celebrate this wonderful milestone. This year has been a truly blessed one. We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary on July 18th. This lovely bracelet will cap off what has been a fantastic year. BTW, I love your web-site. ♥ya sw☺

  79. Love your website and FB posts! Look forward to seeing what wonderful foodie something you will post next! Thanks!

  80. Wow! Congratulations Ally! Your an inspiration for me to keep striving for my dreams. Thank you.

  81. Congratulations Ally! Well deserved! You are such an inspiration. Fun, interesting, creative, beautiful, and the nicest, sweetest person in the cyber-world! Please keep doing what you are doing! WE LOVE IT!

  82. You know I could rock this Bracelet!

  83. Congrats Ally on 10,000 likes!


  84. congratulations on reaching 10,000. LOL I think I waS 999

  85. I just love the bracelet. You have good taste! 🙂

  86. Congratulations on your milestone! Great foodie ideas ~ keep them coming 🙂

  87. Congrats on the 10K Ally and CHEERS to many many more!!

  88. Enjoy your postings so much! I look forward to many more.