‘Guest Blogging for Lauren Kelly, Certified Nuitritionist’

You know when someone’s an ‘expert’ in something, trained extensively in a discipline, or has a unique talent, you know they know!  And, when this ‘someone’ asks you to participate in what they’re just so darn great at, you might get a litttttle bit squeamish.  I mean it’s like if a preacher asked me to give a sermon in church, Dancing with the Stars plucked me to be a judge, or if Ralph Lauren wanted me to put together a design…sure I pray, am a good person, go to church…and, yes, I love to dance and shake my booty…and, I have a creative natural flair with design be it clothes, food styling, or home decor..but, I’m not at professional levels of accomplishment in any of these!  Such is the case when Lauren Kelly, Certified Nuitritionist and foodie blogger asked me to be a guest blogger on her blog!  I was thinking…


OMG!  Is Lauren going to analyze my recipe ingredients and tell me I’ve failed the ‘Biggest Loser Diet’ that I’m in the category as a high-cal, blood pressure and cholesterol raging Big Mac?   Will the recipe I share with her fit into her nuitritional guidelines…yeah, sure I focus on healthy, natural and good-for-your-body ingredients, but sometimes I sneak in some things like processed sugar!  All of my fears were for not!  Lauren didn’t smack my hand with a nuitritional ruler nor did she send me to the junkk foodie corner!  Whew!   Lauren Kelly is a Certified Nutritionist who has a passion for nutrition, health, food and wellness.  She is a busy mother 0f 3 little boys and has been happily married for 10 years.  Lauren loves teaching her family and friends healthy fun tips and how eating whole, unprocessed foods benefits your mind and body.

Now, I know you’re just dying to see what recipe I shared on Lauren’s blog as her guest blogger…with the click of a mouse, you’ll be there!  Plus, there’s a few tidbits of more juicy info on Ally!  Read on, my friends~~



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